Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last words for Satya

A few months ago my friend Nicola in Peru sent me an email and cc'd someone (Satya Amrit Singh from Chile) whom she said I may want to be in touch with, as he is also a musician, composes music with Kundalini mantras and practices/teaches Kundalini Yoga.

Satya sent me a link to his music (please listen here), I sent him a link to mine and we exchanged a few emails, mainly about music and Kundalini Yoga. He was happy to know that his name was the same as the name of my laptop. He struck me as a gracious, honourable and friendly person. He had performed in a few places around the world and was saying that one day he would like to come to Trinidad to play.

After the first two or three emails we were not in touch for a long while. Just about two weeks ago I got an email from him saying he was in India at Miri Piri Academy. He asked me if I wanted to Skype. I sent him my Skype name but, being busy, did not get around to connecting immediately.

However, we managed to connect a day or two later. We spoke for a while about Kundalini Yoga, music, life, he told me about Miri Piri and I helped him to set up a Reverbnation account for his music. I couldn't stay long and, as we said goodbye, he told me that he hopes one day we will work on some music together.

Yesterday as I sat at Moksha waiting to go into the Tuesday yoga class, I got a call from my friend R whose son is studying at Miri Piri—to say that Satya was found dead in his room, cause unknown. So sudden, and unexpected to those who are left behind, yet for his soul, it was simply the time to go.

This letter on his Facebook page makes an official announcement of his passing.

Prior to our Tuesday class we chanted Akal (mantra for departed souls) for him. I didn't know him well or for long, but from our brief interactions, I could tell that he loved life, loved people and had no doubt touched many with whom he came into contact.

As I'm writing this and listening to his music, it strikes me—one day we are here, one day we are not. Who are we when we are here? Who are we when we leave and exist in the words and memories of others?

To his blood family, his Kundalini family and his network of loved ones, may you be granted Love, Strength and Peace that transcends the inexplicable suddenness of his passing.

Sat Nam

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