Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Try the Water Taxi

Boarding the water taxi
On Monday my friend Patti and I took a trip from POS to San Fernando on the water taxi, to see what it was like.

Sadly, in T&T we encounter a lot of poor customer service, things not working properly, poor time management (i.e. things running late), etc.

However, the water taxi is the exact opposite of this. As Patti kept saying to me in genuine amazement: "Are we still in Trinidad?"

Courteous employees, all smiling, saying good morning, gently guiding us along the plank, telling us to watch our step, telling us to have a good trip, etc. The water taxi was on time, clean, crisply air-conditioned, comfortable (we fell asleep), speedy and super smooth. Those who suffer with motion sickness (as Patti does) need not worry.

I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. $30 return and they leave at different times during the day (on weekdays only). The journey takes 45 minutes.
The name of our water taxi was Paria Bullet, but I was walking along the plank while taking this shot and didn't get the full thing.

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Lynn Cohen said...

Ah we call it a ferry boat here... Took one big one like that going to Michigan one summer not too long ago. Fun. They had an entertainer on board who led us in games and gave out prizes.