Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crystal Received

Just before going into yesterday's yoga class, Claudia appeared with my crystal. The moment of receiving the package and having her explain a few things was like having a birthday all over again.

I haven't taken a photo of the crystal pendant, but it is lovely, finely crafted with sterling silver with an additional small amethyst piece worked into the design. The quartz crystal is from Tibet. (Claudia gets her crystals from all over the world).

The pendant came in a sheer pinkish bag with gold roses and leaves on it. In that bag were also two cards (see bottom of this post). All of this was in a larger white paper bag which contained a rolled piece of paper with information on crystals—what they are, how they can heal and how to cleanse them. Also included in the white bag were two sticks of fantastic-smelling incense (sage and something else) and a tiny ziplock bag containing a little bundle of a scented herb (sage?) wrapped in pink netting and tied with a small pink bow.

The energy with which Claudia gave this gift to me was so loving and out of the blue. All I can say is Wow. It's great when people follow what they feel and give to others as their spirit directs them to give ... without worrying about what the person will think of them or the gift.

As one of my yoga students pointed out, I seem to receive special gifts on Tuesdays. At a recent Tuesday yoga class, I had just collected Lynn's pocket book from the Post Office and was showing it to her before the class.

This is the wording on Claudia's call card, in case anyone is interested in seeing what she has to offer:

Claudia's Crystals
868 473-1408
claudiascrystals (at) yahoo (dot) com 
(N.B. I wrote out her e-mail address like this so robots crawling the web for addresses to use for spamming won't detect it)
Individually hand crafted wearable art made from the finest stones from all over the world, wrapped by hand with sterling silver, creating unique one-of-a-kind pendants for you or that special person in your life ...

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