Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The irony of God's love ... as exhibited by some

Early this morning I went to the computer place on the main road to get a document printed. While there, one of the two girls at the counter (perhaps having just read an article in the papers) said loudly: "Anybody who have sex wit an animal deserve to be strike down by God!" She closely followed this, just as loudly, with: "All of dem wit their bestiality and homosexuality! God should strike all a dem dong!"

The hatred, vitriol, venom spewing from her tone was horrible, but not surprising. WWJD? Certainly not exhibit that kind of behaviour.

Normally I would have said something to the girl, but for some reason this morning I continued what I was doing without making a comment, leaving her to enjoy her moment of feeling "better than them".  Poor, misguided girl. What kind of upbringing has she had? Being raised to believe that "God" is as venomous and vengeful as she is.

The self-righteous attitude of many who proclaim to be "Christians" (which I'm sure that girl was) is one of the greatest ironies of this life. Their statement of "Love the sinner, hate the sin" seeks to elevate them above "others" while omitting the fact that they themselves are not perfect . . . in fact, often far from.

There's a lot to be said on this, but for now, just have a look at the below letter, sent to me by a friend. Complete with grammatical imperfections, it speaks of a Christian pastor ("converted from the homosexual lifestyle to heterosexuality") who is supposed to be visiting Trinidad from this weekend (complete with detailed itinerary) ... to spread the word on "sexual health". 


Dear Youth Director

Today there are many voices clamoring for our youth’s attention We are sure that you do not want the loudest ,trendiest our most attractive to win. Hence for this reason we wish to partner with you in equipping them to make right choices, and find answers to their many questions .To this end we are hosting an interactive seminar on sexual health. Our primary presenter is Philip Lee.

Pastor Philip Lee of His Way Out Ministries/Exodus International is a born again believer converted from a homosexual lifestyle to heterosexuality. He has piloted the ministry to the Gay community in his homeland and in Guyana through seminars & workshops through local churches He will be with us for 1 week in October.

On Saturday 23rd October He will be addressing our youth (13-35 years) at Naparima Girls High School auditorium. The meeting begins at 4.00 p.m. and will end no later than 7.00 p.m. The extended time is needed to allow all questions asked to be answered. There will also be health professionals present to
assist in the discussion.

Please bring/send your young people to be enlightened and empowered. Give them an opportunity to understand what the Word says about their sexuality, and to have a clear biblical and factual response to those who want to entice them in an alternative lifestyle.

  You may even consider this meeting as your young people’s meeting/ outing for the month

We look forward to engaging with you and your group.

Yours in Christ

Kimlin  Philip



Unknown said...

Reminds me of an episode of Tyra that I found disturbing, more so because of the intensity of the 'hate'. Sad indeed.

Elspeth said...

It's all so pointless. It takes more energy to spew hate and try to change each other than it does to embrace each other for who we are.

Afrodeity said...

I find it disturbing that a high school auditorium will be used for this "seminar".

On a separate, but related note, I tire of the almost ubiquitous nature of Christian morality in public spaces. It might be fine if there were reciprocity... but this doesn't seem to exist much in practice.

Kimberlie said...

Just yesterday I was watching a documentary called "Stonewall Uprising," about the start of the modern lgbt movement in the United States that was spawned by gay patrons and drag queens at the Stonewall Inn who refused to be arrested by police for simply being gay. Although during that time (1969) all homosexual acts were illegal except in the state of Illinois. The documentary shows old films from the 1960s warning youth about the dangers of this "disease." Now, 42 years later, we are so much further along in the US but still have a way to go.

So Trinidad and Tobago will have their "Stonewall Uprising" in their own form one day.