Thursday, October 14, 2010

How many ...?

How many stars does it take to fill the sky?
How many times have your feet touched the ground since birth?
How many times did you cry as a baby until someone either picked you up and cradled you in loving arms or shouted at you to be quiet?
How many keys are on all of the key chains in the world?
How many words in total exist in all of the sacred texts throughout history?
How many women across the globe are menstruating right now?
How many men shave their beards every morning?
How many species of animals would there be in the world today if extinction did not exist?

(From NAOMI, Daisy Chain. Stay tuned for the print version).


Elspeth said...

Ha haa. One of my friends just wrote me to say: "How many minutes to Daisy Chain in my hand as a book?"

Anonymous said...

Oh, weird. The name "Naomi" is following me this week.