Monday, May 26, 2008


One of the cards in my interactive Greetings on Behalf of Our Environment photo-series
(with image of Dara Njeri and poem below by Dara Njeri)
We of Superior Intelligence
Who run amok in blissful negligence
innate genius creating computers
and pyramids
and machines that fly
yet cannot understand the concept of Finite Supply.
We Human Beings
whose upright gait and sense of entitlement
have made us too proud
cocky creatures
send men to the moon and proclaim out loud
that our achievements are vast
before cleaning up our own home,
maaan, we going nowhere, fast
cuz it’s
soaring food prices and no one asking why
so they dump needed food just to keep their profits high
while hair falls in clumps til scalps shine and glisten
and young bellies filled with clay pies swell from malnutrition -

when will we ever listen…

To the whisperings between leaves
warning us to take heed
cuz you can’t reep tomato
when you plant pepper seed
unsettling rumours of war
Karma come to settle She score
An’ She doh fight nice
weather conditions reclaim our much-needed rice
and so
from tsunamis to
to global warming records hit
can’t drink the water anymore
so instead we swallow spit
see we shit where we eat
and yet shocked at defeat but
Earth’s cry was ignored so Her vengeance is untold
watch us scatter like ants as the pell-mell unfolds
drop to our knees, we too weak to even breathe
as UV rays brand our backs with the planet’s boiling seethe
best hope for that Mother Ship to wisk us away
pour libations with foul water and mobilize to pray
for Earth to find it in Her mercy to somehow self-heal
and for us to find clean food to make our next meal.

Who doh hear, go ha’ tuh feel.
all who doh hear, go really ha’ tuh feel.


Andreamuse said...

Wow, this is really powerful, powerful stuff!

human being said...

oh yes your picture talks more than 'air pollution' ... love the way sun rays shine through...
the poem is great... it IS Earth's cry...

Kikipotamus said...

Beautifully articulated. I have long thought of Mother Earth as a dog and humans as a bad case of mange on her backside. One of these days she is going to give her rump a looooong, good scratching and we are all going to go flying.