Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recent offerings

I had taken a shot of the dove in my hand and was sitting in bed loading it onto the laptop when Jasper came and sat behind the screen, resting his head near the image.
Last night I had one of my best flying dreams ever. At a gathering with some people I spontaneously demonstrated how to soar. I floated up, as usual, then started to flap slowly like a large eagle. Normally, because I don't have wingspan, my arms don't support me in the air, but this time it's like I had invisible wings and was able to manoeuvre my way through the sky. Not too expertly, because I bumped into a roof once - but the flight felt great. My spirit was flying. This must have been one of the effects of last night's (Kundalini Yoga) Healing Ring of the Tantra Full Moon Meditation.

I woke up this morning to find one of Jasper's offerings: a dead Dove on the floor, small feathers strewn everywhere. In the midst of it all, the bird looked as if it was sleeping peacefully. It wasn't like the pale, half-bodied gekko which Jasper had also brought for me - during the night (luckily I woke up abruptly as he jumped onto the bed with it). Interestingly, lizards are associated with the dream time. I find their symbolism very powerful.

Thank you, Jasper. As much as I don't like the carnage, I know it's your nature and your offerings always bring important and confirming messages.


Shivonne said...

I don't look forward to this from Inca. What is it about cats and birds I wonder. I took her to UWi to play in a field recently and she saw birds for the first time in her young life. She went into some kind of primal cat mode and started making this strange sound and movement with her mouth. She looked as surprised as I was. And last night she discovered the cursor on the computer which apparently has the same general shape and movement as a bird in flight. Now she's attacking the screen. Yet every time I doscover something new about her it makes me happy. Who needs kids :)

Hope said...

My cats would love to catch a dove or two. The ones here seem a bit faster, either that or my cats are too fat and slow.

K.C. said...

Don't you love dreams where you are flying? It wasn't until recently that I connected it with my soul. I have been flying in my dreams since I was a little girl. Once I made the connection, it was like a door had opened for me and the dreams became more frequent and I look forward to sleep now. KC

Lynn said...

I like that soaring Elspeth.
You Soar Girl!
I am so glad my Henry V does not have easy access to outdoors/indoors like your Jasper, so I do not get your night visitors carnage...I can pass on the dream symbols for clean sheets.
But I do enjoy reading about yours (dream symbols).

s said...

i never had a flying dream. falling, yes. running, yes. barefoot, yes. but no flying.