Friday, May 30, 2008

R & S

Greetings on Behalf of Our Environment
(Subjects of image, writers of piece: Reshmi and Shireen)
So will the Sun?

Fields of green are turned to debris and dust.

Trees uprooted in an upward thrust.

I look at myself, turning barren & bare…

I wonder where is my future – I know it’s not here.

Corruption & greed, trust is violated.

Murder, rape, steal, lie, kidnapping, terrorism, hate,

Rage is the cry of our age!

Mine, theirs, ours, yours - teardrops grace history’s page

Penned in blood of those animals hunted down…

Then there is nowhere to plant, all is gone.

But, profits have risen, and………………… will the sun?

I never pray to find out what will happen when this is all over and done.

I tried to breathe, and a deep breath I took.

But I couldn’t afford the price asked to inhale open air…I can only look.

So a mask I wear to survive this world…

And dream of a brand new day, a new life, a new existence to unfold.

- S. Ali & R. Ramnarine -

1 comment:

human being said...

'Rage is the cry of our age!'

oh yes... seems we're living in another "Dark Ages"

but that blue sky and the ever present sun beams... don't let me despair... there is some hope... we can save our world...
Shireen is a Farsi name meaning 'sweet'