Thursday, May 15, 2008

Requesting you for a conceptual photo shoot

Those who have read this message already, please note change of venue.

Self portrait
Dear All,

I need at least 30 people to gather so that I can take some individual and group portraits/photographs for a particular project I am working on. The session will be quick and simple.

I will give each participant a surgical mask (such as the one I am sporting in the above image) to wear for their photo. Those who are camera-shy or feel they are not 'photogenic' need not worry. With the mask on, only your eyes are visible. Clothing-wise, you may wear whatever you want. The main focus will be your face, although parts of your body could be visible depending on the angle of the shot.

Date: Saturday 17 May, 2008
Time: 11:00 a.m. sharp - about midday

Place: Small field with large samaan tree across the road on the eastern side of the Creative Arts Centre, Gordon Street, St. Augustine. In the proximity of the base of hill going up to Santa Margarita.

Anyone reading this message is welcome to come. Keep in mind that once you turn up, you will be used as a model. Feel free to bring others with you (any age, gender, height, size, race, etc). The more people present, the more effective the concept will be. Masks will be provided upon arrival.

Those who are sure they are coming, please contact me by e-mail (see side bar for e-mail link) or by leaving a comment so I can estimate numbers.

By taking part, you will be joining me in making a subtle but thought-provoking artistic statement on behalf of our environment.



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human being said...

curious to see the result...
wish you the best on your project.