Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Should Know

Artiste: Gillian Moor (lyrics/vocals)
Video: Elspeth Duncan (camera/edit)

Over the weekend I was looking through my video footage, cleaning up video space and came across a music video I had started working on about 3 years ago for a friend of mine, Gillian Moor. Gillian was my first ever 'customer' (in terms of creating a video for someone else). We never got around to finishing 'You Should Know' and it has been sitting in my computer all this time, "incomplete". However, when I looked at it this weekend, it felt whole. I found the visual mood and speed fitted with the sentiments expressed in the lyrics. The content is minimalist and simple, the speed is slow, the shots are lingering and dreamy, giving a more intimate feel ... the sense of gazing at something or someone beautiful, taking time to take life in and experience each moment more fully. Life is already so fast and crowded.

As timing would have it, today is Gillian's birthday, so I'm posting the video as a surprise for her. Happy Birthday, Gillian. May you enjoy many more years of music.
Love, Elspeth

Also: see The Glo (2005), another video I created for Gillian, for her song of the same name. In fact The Glo was the first video I ever did.

Artiste: Gillian Moor (lyrics/vocals)
Video: Elspeth Duncan (camera/edit)

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human being said...

wow Elspeth i'm becoming a fan of your videos...