Thursday, May 22, 2008

Selling some of my favourite CDs for a worthy cause

I'm selling the CDs listed below. Some of my favourites are in there (the Bjork CDs in particular) ... but the truth is, they were all sitting on a shelf gathering dust and someone else will enjoy them. Plus, this is for a very worthy cause.

CDs $20 each
(all proceeds to the animals of AWN)

The Animal Welfare Network will be having a car boot sale in aid of the animals: Saturday 24 May from 8:00 a.m. at the International School in Westmoorings (see here for their announcement). All kinds of bargain items will be sold from people's car trunks. I will be at an all-day women's yoga retreat, so will not be able to make it, but if particularly interested in any of my CDs, make a beeline for the Greenlight Network vehicle, which will be Glen's maroon coloured pick up truck: TAR 5559. Items will be sold out of the tray. Undoubtedly other car trunks will have interesting items as well. Come early and grab up all the goodies while they're still there.

Deep Forest - Boheme
Bjork - Vespertine
Bjork - Homogenic
Bjork - Post
Bjork - Debut
Lamb - What Sound
Depeche Mode - Violator
70's Audio (burnt CD of 70's songs)
Melting Euphoria - Inside the Gardens of the Mind
Stevie Nicks - Trouble in Shangri-La
Plugged In - Electronica Compilation
Buddha's Party - Compilation
Buddha's Dinner - Compilation
Norah Jones - Come Away with Me
Sinead O'Connor - So far ... the best of Sinead O'Connor
Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I May See
Vanessa Mae - Storm
Bill Whelan - Riverdance
Laventille Rhythm Section (burnt CD)
The Greatest Hits of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Pandit C. R. Vyas - Classic Masterpieces: Tribute to My Master
Sheila Chandra - The Zen Kiss
Tassarama - Trinidad the Land of Tassa
Disco Party (burnt CD)

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I know I'd be interested in anything local (like the rhythm section one)!