Friday, August 8, 2008

Candle for Tibet

Below are a few photographs from last night's local Candle for Tibet event, organised by Babita Dubay of Meady's Musings. It was very well organised and flowed smoothly. Those in attendance lit the flames with respect and good intentions, conscious of the fact that, though we were small in number, we were part of a larger positive global mass. We lit flames symbolic of not only Tibetan freedom, but also our own. I had gone with a friend of mine and what we found amazing, once the candles were all lit, was that not a single one blew out. They all stood strong and steady, eventually burning down to nothing.

There were many candles and deyas to be lit
Tibetan prayer flags draped along the stage as part of the backdrop
Strength in numbers
Enter the light
Peace to all


meadysmusings said...

Hi Elspeth thanks for all your positive comments and for participating at my event.

And your beautiful pics tends to bring out the magic in things!

Elspeth said...

You're welcome. Thanks for having it and for inviting me to partake.

Kris Loya said...

We lit our candles as well last night. We did it here at home out on the porch.

Anonymous said...

Els, you're my girl and all but this Tibet thing is kinda getting under my skin. Why Tibet? Why not Zimbabwe or Betham for God's sake? WTF makes Tibet more deserving of a vigil than Palestine, Maloney. Its all a little too hollywood for me. Ga!

Elspeth said...

I understand what you're saying, Simone ... but why not Tibet? And why not Zimbabwe? And why not Laventille? And why not Everywhere? Different people will focus on different causes and some may be more hyped up than others (hence the hollywood feel you are getting?) ... but you have to look for the essence under the 'hype'. I was invited by Meady to be a part of her ceremony and for me it was not just about "Tibet" per se, but about the theme of Freedom which I saw as being for all of us no matter where we are from and what it is we want to be free of. And that's what I said in the meditation/talk that Meady had asked me to do ... that we have to be aware of what we need to free in ourselves first and acknowledge that before we can light a candle for anyone else's freedom. So ... I understand what you're saying and it's valid for you ... and I think many people are wondering 'Why have a vigil for Tibet when Trinidad needs one?' Well ... then the people who think so can organise a vigil for Trinidad. That is how the world should work! Not for people to say 'Why are they doing X when they should be doing Y?' ... but rather to go out and do Y if that's what they feel needs to be done. Proaction. Not stagnation.