Sunday, August 31, 2008

Encounter with the woman who sits in that spot

I took this photo when Greenlight Network had our REvolution along the Eastern Main Road (Tunapuna - Curepe) in June 2006. Other photos of that day here.
The old woman in the above photo has been sitting in that same spot for years. I have never spoken to her and she has never spoken to me, even though I have passed her many times on my way to the market. I have never seen her asking anyone for anything or extending her hand for money. So she has never struck me as 'a beggar'. She is a mute, silent, constant presence, quite like a human landmark. She strikes me as an unseen observer, sitting there for the sole purpose of viewing and assessing the world and everyone who passes by through her large, dark glasses.

This morning was different. As I walked to the market, she held out her hand, just as I neared her. I stopped and stooped to the level of her face. She didn't ask for money, but as I started to pull a bill from my pocket, she said:

"God will direct you. You will be guided in what you buy because he loves you. You are God's child."

I said thank you and gave her the bill. One might think that that's a generic message which she says to everyone, but (a) I've only ever seen her talking to one person, so it's not like she tells that to everybody who passes (b) she has never stopped me or spoken to me before, but she did today. Why?

Whether or not she has said it to others (and if she did it would be true for them too), as she was saying it, I felt as though she was delivering the message just for me in that moment. I also felt it was referring to a lot more than just 'buying' things in the market. It was about guidance for what I am led to and what I choose ('buy') in life.

I asked her: "Do you come here every day?"
Old Woman: No. Only Saturday and Sunday.
Me: Where do you live?
Her: (she mentions a place beginning with C that I can't recall the name of right now)
Me: Do you walk here?
Her: No. I does come with the girl.

It turns out that I did have a very successful 'buying' experience in the market. I went with only $73 and thought I would hardly get anything. But a god (typo, but I'll leave it. How apt, given the subject of her message!) ... I was going to say: But a god ... there's that typo again! What I'm trying to say is that I got a good amount of vegetables and fruits ... in addition to two large bundles of poi bhagee which I look for every time I go to the market and have never seen any to buy until today! And I left with change to spare.

On the way back I stopped by her.

Me: Would you like a banana?
Her: I can't eat bananas. (She points to her upper right lip which is sloping downward). I get an injection there and I could only drink tea. Or bread soak in tea.

At this point a man stopped to give her newspapers, fishing in his pocket (for money?) and started telling her about what was in the market. I walked away, thinking that maybe the next time, if she's there, I would find out her name and speak to her some more.

What would you want to ask if you met her?


conscioushealer said...

Observes she does in all her confidence of God assuring guidance.
"what gives her that???"

"bread and tea as her only meal"

"a bucket and dark glasses"

"people watching"

Elspeth said...


Andreamuse said...

I would ask, when does the daylight come for you?

GoGo said...

How I have missed your page. I don't know what I'd ask her. Am interested in knowing more though.


Lynn Cohen said...

I wonder if you brought your own bucket she'd invite you to stay and vist and chat.

I wonder if she'd tell you about her life starting from childhood.

I wonder if she tell you her dreams and her life's most held memories. The good ones.

I wonder if she'd want to know more about you and what you'd tell her.

Thanks for going to ATWin20quilts and leaving so many comments for the others and me. ;-)

Kelly said...

An oracle! What a great encounter. I wouldn't ask her anything, but I'd be thrilled if she offered me some words spontaneously, as she did for you.

Anonymous said...

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