Monday, August 11, 2008

I thank you because you gave me your soul

My friend Rose in London, with whom I've worked on participatory video projects with school youths (both here and there), sent me a link to a video project she had worked on with some people in Madagascar. The participants, who shot the videos themselves, had never used cameras ... and did an amazing job. To me the resulting camera work is simple, photographic, beautiful. No bells and whistles and fancy camera angles and fast editing. Just simple truth from the people who are living it.

In particular I love the end of the video clip entitled Chickens are my Security. The woman being interviewed is talking about the importance of her chickens in her life. Such a simple and, some may think, 'mundane' topic ... yet at the end, the interviewer, expressing her gratitude for the session, says: "I thank you because you gave me your soul."

Such simple words. Such vast meaning.

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