Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Journey of the leatherback hatchlings (video)

To protect them from predators along the beach (mainly vultures and dogs), the Leatherback turtle hatchlings are gathered in buckets by committed volunteers who comb the beach during the day looking for signs of the babies emerging from the deep nests in the sand, where they've been buried (eggs) for weeks. Once gathered, they are kept safely in a cordoned off area on the beach (like a little nursery) and released in the late afternoon at Grand Riviere, Trinidad.

Seeing these hatchlings heading for the ocean makes me think og 'heading straight for one's destiny'.

By the way, this is one of the scheduled posts as I am leaving for Tobago
(26 August) on the first ferry (6:00 a.m.). Will resume blogging on Friday.


GirlBlue said...

That's precious, but that last one seemed to be having some GPS problems

Lynn Cohen said...

You sure do travel a lot.
Have a good trip and come home safely.

Turtles are intersting to watch.
thanks for the education.