Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meditating and musing on their/your/my Freedom

Local (Trinidad) gathering hosted by Candle for Tibet and Meadymusings.
Recently I was contacted by Babita Dubay, founder of Meady's Musings and organiser of the local Candle for Tibet gathering to be held tomorrow in synch with the global initiative of the same name. (Read more below at: All About CANDLE FOR TIBET). Babita has invited me to do a short meditation on FREEDOM at the function, which will take place from 8:00 - 10:00 p.m. on the Grounds in front of the MP for Couva South's Office (opposite Couva Health Facility), Main Road, Couva. All are invited.

Candles and deyas will be lit as we unite with more than 100,000,000 people in the greatest light protest on earth ... standing in sacred solidarity with the people of Tibet, in the name of FREEDOM.

FREEDOM ... so simple and yet so complex. Some take it for granted ... some struggle all their lives and meet their deaths in efforts to claim it.

Interesting that Babita's company is called Meady's Musings, because this whole initiative has me musing on the issue of FREEDOM in my own life. How free am I/you to fully experience and enjoy all that can make our time on this earth meaningful and truly worth living? How free am I/you to be fully who I am/you are ... within my/your society, within my/your home, within my/your relationships, within my/your self? What simple daily freedoms do I/you take for granted? And when freedom is denied me/you in any area of our lives, who or what does the denying? Is it always others? Is it sometimes ourselves?

Tibetan Bhuddist Music Video


August 7th 2008 is the day before the opening ceremony of The Olympic Games in Beijing. On this day we aim to create the world's greatest LIGHT PROTEST, when at least 100 million people from all over the world will light a candle and say YES to freedom in Tibet!

All you are asked to do is to light a simple candle
on August 7th at 9 pm in your own time zone.

Light the Candle at your home, workplace or in a public place. Put the candle in your Window, or on your desk, or anywhere else where other people will see it and hopefully do the same.

Our light protest will be seen by billions on TV screens all over the world on the day the Beijing Olympics open. We are not against the Olymipcs or anything else for that matter, we stand for Freedom. Period.

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Tresa said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this poignant information.

Blessings Love,

meadysmusings said...

Elspeth those goose bumps that you spoke about earlier this wk just happened....Thanks for your support! And for being a believer and supporter of freedom not just for people but for the animals, itself...

Yea when I bought Meady's Musings domain and put it up I first thought I was going to blog just random thoughts but before i could write my first blog the spirit of just that site being set up by myself and up and running moved me with my manicou (at my gate) as my muse to do that theatre work in 06 and to found Meady's Musings Production to carry it out.

And now in 08 more musing made me be involved in this case my muse or inspiration being David Dudi Califa of Israel...Thank you David! David is the founder and initiator of candle4tibet.

Thanks again and look fwd to seeding u n all believers tmrw night!