Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reflecting on Scheduling Days

Reflection of neighbour's banana tree in driveway after rain

This is a scheduled post. It will automatically be posted while I'm away.

As I write this post it is actually the morning of Friday August 15th 2008. I have not left yet for the workshop on the coast. I am still to pack and organise many things before I go. It will be a busy day.

Yet, as you read this, it is actually the last day of the workshop and I am returning.

Today (15 August) I have no idea now how the workshop will go, but today (23 August), when this post is published, I will know how it all went.

What if we could 'schedule posts' for our lives as we do in Blogger and know that what we 'write' now will feature in the future.

We can.

NOW is then too.


Anonymous said...

you have an incredible eye. love the photo.

Lynn Cohen said...

So now you know
how it went
and you will come back
and tell us too
so we too will know
how it went
and you will read
how our lives went as well
surprises are the best

and Henry is waiting for you at
the bottom
of Post on Saturday, August 23rd

come see!

Your photo is multilayered beauty

Anonymous said... can do scheduled blog posts when you're away? Cool to know.

Anyway, love the pic...reminds me of an Escher painting...but far more colorful....