Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Honouring Desire

We have to train ourselves to honour our desire body. Our desire body is the faculty of our emotional body that desires, craves, hungers and yearns after. Our desire body is our idea generator and attraction mechanism. It cannot work for us if it is suppressed, condemned or judged. In fact, it works against us when we have a negative attitude towards it. Desire is a basic instinct that propels us to find everything from food to God. Hunger and the longing to belong are both desires. From hunger we are motivated to get fed. From longing to belong we learn how to experience and align with the Infinite. When we are attuned to the Infinite, we are really set up to get our needs met. We not only get our survival and physical needs met, we get our emotional and spiritual needs satisfied too. What greater satisfaction than to be at peace and relaxed, feel loved, and to know that the struggle is over.

Extract from NMBeing #64: Taurus: From Sabotage to Satisfaction

The New Millennium Being is copyright 1999 - 2004 Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D.
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Lynn Cohen said...

That was nice to read this morning as I just finished responding to my need to eat, and enjoyed fresh blue berries, a ripe peach over cereal. And went out to water lawns and pick figs off the tree.
Now I should move my body and get ready to create a bit and thengo to work which is another sort of creativity of the mind helping others help themselves.

When you get a chance come see my son's wedding story; you are my invited guest.