Friday, December 19, 2008

My final post for 2008

The Sky Rides ticket
In December last year, gripped by the need to cross water, I took a spontaneous trip to St. Lucia to visit my friend Mel and renew myself. It was well worth it. We had a great time.

We decided that on the 1st day of 2008 we would do something to confront a fear, symbolising our fearless approach to whatever the year would bring. As we both have (had ...?) a fear of heights, we decided to embrace that in a big way.

So the year, 2008 started off with us bright and early on the morning of January 1st, symbolically plunging from a height thousands of feet above sea level into the depths of the forest. This exhilarating experience, for me, was the inspiration for the eleven platforms of my life (in which I asked the Universe to surprise me):

1. Self
2. Spirit/Spirituality
3. Love Life
4. Relationships (friends/family)
5. Career
6. Creativity
7. Geographical Location (travel/abode)
8. Recreation/Social Life
9. Learning
10. Finances
11. Health/Exercise

Each of those areas was indeed addressed by the Universe in some form or fashion. As a result, 2008 has been a full, intense and life changing year in many amazing ways - new experiences, new relationships, new ways of eating, feeling and being, new interests, new directions ... and much more. Seeds, planted in the Garden of Life ... to grow and bloom in time.

I am very thankful for this year and its gifts. Looking back, I'm amazed at how much it has all been!

I am also very thankful for all of you who read my blog regularly, take interest, give encouragement and support in whatever way(s) you do, share your comments and feedback and offer friendship ... both online or offline.

Another spontaneous December moment is here. As much as I enjoy blogging, this will be my last blog post and my last blogging day for 2008. It's like yoga. The whole year has been one long kriya and now it's time for the rest period. I intend to assimilate the energies of this (kriya) year and spend pleasure time nurturing and tending to the seeds, seedlings and flowers in my Life Garden.

My sincere wish for each one of you is the manifestation of whatever is for your highest good and the highest good of those around you.


See you again in 2009.




Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Elspeth. See you on the other side.

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh my, how brave you were.
I hear your need for a rest.
I wish you a good repast and look forward to more of your friendship next year.
I wish you a happy and fullfilling holiday season.
I like your list too. You are a good role model for a healthy and a giving living and I respect all that you endeavor and do.

Henry V sends his best wishes to Jasper too!

meadysmusings said...

Merry Christmas...And a Bright and Prosperous New Year!

Wuzdescene said...

Have a good one too Elspeth ....

Anonymous said...

Have a good rest and see you next year!

ICourtney said...

Elsbeth, you are indeed special. Keep on living life to its fullest.