Thursday, December 4, 2008

Please help me with my Christmas Challenge

This mini travel guitar was left behind by Cédric, the camera man for one of the French documentary crews I worked with last year. When I dropped them to the airport he told me to get it from his hotel room and keep it.
The other day my friend Glen (who used to be very involved with the Raj Yoga Centre) called and said: "Spec, will you perform for the Raj Yoga Christmas concert this Sunday?" (i.e. Sunday coming).

Without thinking, I said: "Yes."

Only when I said "Yes" and put down the phone did it sink in that (a) it's a Christmas concert (b) I don't have any original Christmas songs (and I wouldn't want to sing an existing one) and (c) I would have less than a week to make up a whole new song.

When I called Glen back to tell him this and to say that I didn't think I would play after all, he had already told the Centre I would be performing. "Take it as a challenge," he suggested cheerily.

So I accepted 'the challenge', thinking I would be inspired to whip up something in the coming week.

However, the concert is 3 days away and (a) I have not yet touched my guitar or drum to compose anything (b) I don't feel inspired (c) I don't feel Christmassy

Can any of you offer ideas to prompt me?


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, this is a tricky one. I've been recently thinking about what I apprecitate about the "holiday season" or more accurately, what this time evokes in me. When I really put my mind to what's joyous about it, as odd as it may sounds there are other sounds that bring on the feeling that we have once again arrived at this season. It's sounds like the red cross bell jingling (seemingly incessently), reminding people to think of others and to be generous. There are sounds like Handel's Messiah being rehearsed; people humming the tunes even without realizing, and of course the sounds of wrapping (tearing, being cut, tape, etc).

Don't know if it helps - but sometimes what we are looking for is in the spaces around the obvious...

Unknown said...

Perhaps also, ask yourself - what is the purpose of the holiday? What is it supposed to be/do?

Elspeth said...

Thanks. I was actually just talking to someone and she brought that up (meaning of Christmas) ...

meadysmusings said...

I've been partying with the Three Kings or the Magi for some time now do something based on that and have two friends since with you nah...! :)
Check out my writings on them if u like this one
and this one

Anonymous said...

how about a not too silent night

the shepherds out there
the night nippy and the
blasted sheep dem still
bleating like they hungry
after i stand up in hot sun
all day and watch them clean off
couple acres of grass

eh ehy boy wha dis i seeing
is things i seeing yes

u ain seeing nothin
but is angels dem fu so

wa all ya do to mek dis happen
man hush u mout an listen

wha dat dey saying
a king get born tonight
well what dat gat to do wid we

we is only shepherd nah?


hope that prime your

u may have to do it as caiso or old time calypso if that is your style

and if not it may be a chance for you to try something new.

grace & peace


meadysmusings said...

bramba that kinda funny! :)

meadysmusings said...

although bramba in re-reading...I won't embrace the irreverent parts of can be cool and funny to make light of it and trinify the language and the behaviour of the sheps etc but at the end I think the awe and sanctity of the angelic visit and the Christ child's birth should be preserved and respected but I get your creative play all the same...

Lynn Cohen said...

I guess your Jewish friend is the last person who could inspire you for a Christmas song.
So I'll suggest meditating and sleeping on it...and trust that the words and tune will flow to you naturally as does all your other writings and art.
Good luck, and Shalom. ;-)
I hope you'll make a utube movie of the finished project.

Anonymous said...

how about a (Hindu) chant with Christmas lyrics?

Jaase said...

I would have used the fact that I'm not feeling the Christmas spirit and probably sing about why and what Christmas has become. Do like what you did for WOMAN- The Event, have it interactive!
You are very creative...go with the flow.

Elspeth said...

Thanks everyone for your suggestion and Bramba for your poem.

Yes, Jaase, I'm sure it will end up being interactive in some way. It already is.