Sunday, December 14, 2008

My heart flew into the Angelic Kingdom

One of the little boxes in which I packaged my raw treats.
I wrote a quote or words of a mantra on each box.
This morning I took my yoga students on a special outing. My friend Glen came to pick me up in his jeep. The first thing I saw as I walked onto the driveway was a heart shaped leaf. I picked it up to carry with me.

We met the others and drove together to the Botanical Gardens, where we had our class under a bamboo grove. In the relaxation periods between postures, lying on the mats took on a whole new meaning ... with the creaking and rustling of bamboo above us, the sound of birds and wind and the dappling sunlight through the leaves. I placed the leaf heart in my Tibetan singing bowl while the class was going on and, in the final few minutes of the relaxation period when I used the bowl to further relax the students, I left the heart in it ... symbolic of Love emerging from the centre and emanating with the vibrations of the bowl.

After yoga, we went to walk the labyrinth. It was the first labyrinth experience for all of the students and, for me, the first time walking with so many people. Normally I walk the labyrinth alone or with at least one other person. Oh no ... how could I forget? For my birthday last year I walked the labyrinth with five friends. We all walked together to the centre, where we each sat in one of the six petals and conducted a "Love Ritual".

Today when we got to the centre, I placed the heart leaf in the middle, along with a small box of yet-to-be-named raw creations (derivation of the raw brownie/Tongue Lingers recipe) which my students heartily enjoyed. On the box I had written Sat Nam (seed mantra) which means: Truth is my/your identity. When I raised up the box, the wind blew and the heart flew into the 5th petal of the labyrinth, which represents the Angelic Kingdom. Considering that the labyrinth holds many messages for us, I found this interesting ...

Angelic Kingdom Working/connecting with angels. Guardian angels. Archangels. Surrender, trust and listen, then take guided action. Connecting body, mind and soul. Ability to hear, listen and follow your soul's truth. Finding your purpose. Seeing with your mind's eye (third eye/sixth sense). Following truth. Vision quest. Inner guidance. Going within. Finding the centre of your being. Becoming integrated.

I had taken this photo yesterday when I made these raw goodies. Quite fortuitous. Looking at the picture today it reminds me of all of us sitting in a circle at the centre of the labyrinth.
We sat there for a while, each talking about what we had experienced during our walk and what we were feeling. We then walked back out and drove back to our 'base' (where we normally have our classes) where we had a small picnic.

It was a fantastic morning. A gift.

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