Monday, December 15, 2008

rEVOLVE (my first hooping video)

Soundtrack & Hooping: Elspeth Duncan
Remember some time back I mentioned my new mission ... to learn to hoop and get good at it? Above is my first hooping video. It's very simple ... no fancy moves and impressive spinning yet. At this point, basically trying to keep the hoop up. I am using a child's hoop (the small, lightweight ones we get here) because it's the only one I have right now. But to get into it properly, I'm going to have to get (or make) a real hooping hoop, which is much larger and weighted. Working on that ...

I'll be documenting my progress over time and sharing those subsequent videos as I revolve.

1 comment:

Lynn Cohen said...

I am impressed! What a wonderful exercise this must be. Your lovely body already well formed to hold this magical hoop in place. You are so good at it. Bravo!!!!