Friday, December 5, 2008

An unexpected response

Earlier today musician Kwesi Michael Stewart sent me this link to something he created upon hearing the mp3 of the first verse of my 'Christmas song'.

Have a listen to his offering (about 1 min long)

I love when someone is inspired to spontaneously interact and create like that. Imagine if different musicians and/or poets were inspired to create a new verse each, following on from my first verse, then Kwesi's second verse ... resulting in a whole string of new verses of an eternally ongoing global song.


Lynn Cohen said...

See my new comment in the prior post. I put it in the wrong place. Oops. ;-)

Elspeth said...

As requested in your comment on the other post ...

My lyrics:
Maybe this sounds a little simple
Maybe this sounds a little plain
Maybe this sounds a little humble
Maybe this sounds strange

The lyrics that Kwesi then created as second verse:

a simple birth changed the world
a miracle so plain
a humble star saved the world
and gave us christmas day

Lynn Cohen said...

Thank you. This is beautiful.

meadysmusings said...

Hey Elspeth,

On a diff note...i fixed the widget on my blog if you want to check it out and let me know if you can read the Magi posts now.