Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wowwwwwie! My new mission

My friend C has a daughter, A (12 years old now) who, at times when I was over (when she was still in primary school), often had her hula hoop out. I would always pick it up and give it a go ... but that talent which I'd had as a child seems to be dormant now.

My friend's daughter would laugh at me, then sigh with childish exasperation: "Spec, look let me show you. It's eeeeeasy!" She would then stand there, barely even moving her body, a placid, yawning, this-is-so-easy expression on her face as the hula hoop went zipping about her slim frame.

The other day I bought a red hula hoop in Excellent Stores so that I can practice. My new mission is to get really good at it. I will experiment on my own ... but I think I may also have to take some lessons (not sure where though) and learn some tips and tricks. This is a beautiful art. Whether it zips or floats around your body ... it just looks great ... fluid, sexy, relaxing, energizing, zippy, fun, wow ... Below are a few inspirational videos featuring other hoopers. When I've got the hang of it, I'll do one of my own.

(N.B. The music in the last embedded video automatically plays. Just press stop or pause so it doesn't conflict with the sound in the other videos if you're looking at them).

Unwinding at home

(Sigh): Look Spec, it's easy!

Simple, natural, effortless, surreal

Effortlessly elegant


Anonymous said...

who is the dancer in the last video? this is just... I am speechless.Heidi

Elspeth said...

I don't know who she is. On the web page they simply refer to her as "beautiful and flexible girl shows off her hula hooping abilities"

Andreamuse said...

hee! While I was substituting for a first grade class here, I got to hula hoop with the kids during gym class. I was happy to see that I still had some skill at it (I won a contest when I was 10, lol)