Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Raw chemistry

Last week and over the weekend I felt like I was in a culinary chemistry lab, concocting and experimenting and coming up with new creations ...
Two from my first large batch of dehydrated 'crackers'. I can't technically call them crackers because I didn't dehydrate them long enough to make them crunchy/crisp. They turned out more like pliable granola bars or very thin slices of dark, wholesome German bread. The ingredients used to make them: soaked sunflower seeds, lentil sprouts, dates, sea salt, flax meal. They went down well with a combination of things: delicious, simple tomato paste I had made (tomatoes, sea salt, raisins - all blended finely), avocado, sprouts, apple slices, dates, spinach, 'cheese' spread ... or just on their own as a snack.

The cheese-looking spread came about after I had been shaving corn off the cob to put into guacamole. I put the corn in the mini food processor gadget and, after grinding it up, found it had a cheese-like colour. I added other ingredients until it looked like cheese paste ... then added others to create a cheese-ish taste. Next time I'll experiment by adding other ingredients to give it more of a 'zing'.

My latest batch of lentil sprouts on one of the 'crackers'.


meadysmusings said...

Hey Elspeht your creationgs look really pretty in the pics and very interesting and sounds tasty...I've not been doing well on my semi-raw thing this time around but perhaps it is showing me the way that I can cope with a more realistic long term way fwd given my overall lifestyle will share and update on Meady's Musings blog soon. I fixed up the bugs on you pointed out so hopefully you can read there and on the http://universalcollectiveprayer.blogspot.com again.

Anonymous said...

i thought the cheese paste on the 'cracker' had a smiley face...in fact i still do :D lol :D

are those just regular lentils that you soak? or?

Mitra Sticklen said...

you are quite the raw artiste! what beautiful bites you make. i have been sprouting like mad, and having fun with raw but always eating plenty of cooked breads and casserole type things. raw is much more appealing in the hot weather, i think! missing you, girly

Lynn Cohen said...

Looks nummy. Love that you are doing this...learning so much from you. Does Jasper like to eat this? Or is his raw just in bugs and mice?

Elspeth said...

Meady - don't worry. First time I tried to go raw a few years ago I lasted 2 days. This time I just went in like a fish to water. When it's your time, whether raw or semi raw, it will just happen.

TriniGourmet - yes, regular lentils.

Thanks, Mitra. Miss you too. If you were here we would surely do yoga followed by raw treats.

Lynn, the only 'raw' I've seen Jasper eat is licking up avocado.