Monday, December 1, 2008

My first raw pie: The Hippie

It's time to start getting more inventive now that the 'festive season' is around. Tonight I experimented by making my first raw pie. I amended a recipe I had come across (i.e. by using ingredients I had instead of only what the recipe called for).
The crust is made of sunflower and sesame seeds, raisins, pine nuts, a bit of orange juice.
No baking necessary. Just pure raw ingredients.
The filling is pawpaw and banana (with a tad of orange juice for extra flavour), garnished with black seedless grapes. I think I made it a tad liquidy ... but I'm sure it will solidify sufficiently in the freezer (where it is now). I'll leave it there for an hour or so.Can't wait to taste it.

The 'flowers' in this recipe (i.e. sunflower seeds and the grape flower design on top) made me think "Hippy". But for the sake of naming this pie "Hippy", I'll spell it Hippie (as in Hip pie ... a pie that's hip). Double entendre.


meadysmusings said...

It looks very nice Elspeth and reading how made it I'm sure it will taste great too! But yep does look liquidy...if it doesnt solidify in the bottom part of fridge you can put it into the freezer a while...although not sure if that is allowed in raw?

But now thinking cause without the fat it made not solidify as easily in below compartment...but for sure in the freezer section the water will freeze and it will get popsicle like...keep me posted how it all turns out!

Elspeth said...

I had it in the freezer at first but didn't want to leave it there overnight so left it in the lower part of the fridge. Have not looked at it yet for the morning. Will now and sample some for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Oh yum that looks good, esp the crust!