Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm Flying (... and so is Pod)

Tomorrow I am leaving for Toronto, where I will be for a month. I haven't even reached yet and already that time seems too short. For no other reason than being there, my heart lights up, my spirit expands, I feel really excited and I can't put it into words.

I got a totally unexpected email about three - four weeks ago saying that two of my films, Invisible (which you may have seen online already) and All of Emily will be screened at the 4th Caribbean Tales Film Festival and would I be coming up. Yes!! Anything to go to TO. I'd been planning a return visit this year anyway, for other reasons, but this fast forwarded me. The festival is only 4 days, which leaves the rest of the month to enjoy.

In no order of importance ... I'm looking forward to spending quality time with a variety of friends who live abroad and who either reside in TO or will be in town when I am there. (Many of them I haven't seen in decades!) I'm looking forward to reconnecting with new friends made the last time I was in TO in 2007. Looking forward to spending time with my friend Tamara on her turf (we met when she came here to work on a film and she returns about once a year to shoot. We always have a ball and good laughs together). Looking forward to meeting up with a creative partner with whom I've thus far created some lovely works (not yet released) and with some others with whom I may be creating in the future. Looking forward to a few days in Montreal - to surprise my cousin (I hope she's not reading this) and speak French! Looking forward to immersing myself in raw organic heaven! And all of that 'looking forward' is just scraping the surface. There's so much more.

Most of all I am looking forward to just being open and surrendering to whatever is to be as each day unfolds. Whatever it is, it will be great.
I won't be carrying any of my cameras (Karishma or Synchronicity - whom I've decided to rename Phoenix, since she rose from the ashes). Neither will I be carrying Dandelion, my drum which I bought in TO in 2007. I'm traveling light. I will do my best to keep my suitcase light as well (I usually overpack). In terms of equipment, I'll just carry Satya ... and, depending on my internet availability wherever I am, I will blog daily as usual.

In keeping with my own 'flight', the latest update on Pod is that she is now flying from perch to perch and will soon be moved to the flight cage, where she can begin to really spread her wings before being released.
(l to r): Pod and Companion
Photo courtesy: Detta Buch


Sehraeuber said...

very amusing ... my cat made the same :)
have a nice time and a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Detta really had a gift for nursing sick birds back to health. The world is a better place for people like that. Looking forward to seeing you in TORONTO!!! :)

Angie said...

hope u hav a good trip :)

i jus saw the video for the 1st time...we, as a ple will change, we have to

LoLa said...

Happy Trails! I hope you enjoy your travels.

I'll miss your posts of Pod. I love them and have passed them along. Maybe Detta will send you pics?