Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bursting with excitement?

(Canada chronicles continued ...)
In Toronto two years ago
(lying on 'the beach' with new drumming friends

Since being here, a few of my things which were giving no signs of being on their 'last legs' have suddenly and unexpectedly started to 'mash up'.

The first thing to go was my favourite pair of shoes: sturdy, comfortable brown leather Hush Puppies, which I had bought in Toronto in 2007 and have worn almost every day since (see brown shoes in above pic). In fact, some time ago I was sitting with Kelly (drinking fresh vegetable smoothies in Kensington Market) and talking proudly about how strong these shoes were, how far I had walked in them over the past two years and more so since being here ... and then a day or two later, I noticed that the seam on the left shoe had come undone and the shoe was beginning to yawn.

When I went to Montreal, I took the shoes to a shoemaker, hoping they could be stitched back. He explained that he would need to put an extra piece of leather here and stitch this part to there and even then that may not work, plus it would cost me $23 dollars ... so I realised it didn't make sense and told him to "Poussez mes choissures dans le poubelle, s'il vous plaît" (put my shoes in the bin, please).

He did so like a basketballer.

Lately I've noticed that my suitcase is also suddenly showing signs of wear and tear - the nature of which could mean that I'll have to purchase a new one before flying back to TT in September.

A few days ago the handle of one of my market bags, laden with kale, broccoli, purple cabbage and other weighty edibles, burst on me as I was walking to get a street car.
And today I noticed that my "cross body tote", (as my fashionista friend Moka calls it) is also on its last. Between last night and this morning, yet another of the inner pockets has burst its bottom and become one with the interior.

Time for new things.


Lynn Cohen said...

Have fun shopping!

Kris Loya said...

oh man ur cbt gone tru! Did it ever get dat wash it needed? :P
And yes pls get new suitcase before it goes into the hands of the airport handlers...they throw those things around like mad.
Happy shopping :D its summer u have amazing feet...sandals or cute flip flops :D but those might not be ok for all the walking you'll do!

Anonymous said...

May the glue that holds you together keep strong.

Elspeth said...

Thanks Anonymous. I'm still in one piece.

Inks, you're right about the walking part (I walk about a lot) ... and, it's summer but not always that summery. I can in slippers and it's warm and by evening I'm still out, it gets chilly and so do my feet.

LoLa said...

Maybe the universe is trying to keep you in Canada. But if not, all well used things expire. Maybe it just opens the door for another well used maybe even better loved thing to come alomg.