Friday, July 24, 2009

Watching, Listening, Smiling ...

(Canada chronicles continued ...)

Today I've been sitting with my laptop in Tinto coffee house on Roncesvalles Avenue, using their wireless and drinking tea. Everyone who has been/is in here with their laptop has a Mac. Some are white, some are black, mine is red.

For the time I've been here I've overheard several interesting conversations (mainly people meeting about art-writing-and-music-related things and sounding very focused and purposeful) ...

And I've been seeing interesting things through the window ...

... like the man who just passed by smiling with a bunch of sunflowers in plastic gift paper.

... now two women walking by smiling with a dog and talking.

... now woman walking by checking (or writing) a text message and smiling.

Everyone seems to be smiling! Except for this man now passing by (deep in thought, wrinkled face) ... woman with bag of grapes ... man scratching head ...

More smilers now: smiling, chatting young girl holding man's (father?) hand and he's holding a dog leash with a miniature Lassie attached to it. Dog is also smiling (tongue hanging from mouth)

Three young boys with a football, laughing.

Now two women - one wearing fedora and ripped jeans shorts with shirt enter door to Tintos, smiling. Young boy of about five in tow. The two women go to the counter to order something. The young boy sits at the table next to mine. The women are leaving. The one not wearing the fedora calls to the little boy: "Allons-y!" (French)

Now I smile (upon hearing the French) ... at the same time that the fedora woman glances at me, catches my smile, thinks I'm smiling at her and smiles back.

Sunny day, sunny smiles.

This is my third blog post for the day (First was about Guerilla Goodness. Second was the Article in Caribbean Camera).

Time to go ... to meet the friend who recommended Tinto to me and who lives just around the corner.

N.B. I may not blog much next week, as I'll be in Montreal and won't have internet access unless I take my laptop to the little café down the road. I may do that one day. But just in case I don't do it much (or at all), I may schedule some blog posts to fill the week.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Montreal - again!

Tammy-Jade™ said...

Mac = Creative thinkers. Just saying. :-D

Be safe and have fun. You sound as if you've just returned "home" after a long time of being away.

It's as if you're completely at peace with your surroundings.