Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toronto tendrils

(Canada chronicles continued ...)
Maintenant je suis à Montréal autre fois (Now I am in Montreal again). Circled in red in the above photo is the café I'm in now (Café Choix Suprème) ... "the café down the road" where I use wireless internet once I'm here.
I used Supernova to spontaneously snap one of the huge billowing Canadian flags on the side of the highway as we headed to Montreal. Considering our speed, the way the flag was billowing, plus the fact that I had both zoomed in and snapped really quickly ... look at the clarity. No blur. What an amazing little camera.
Yesterday, leaving Toronto, I felt strange and sad. A cloud sat on my chest. Maybe it was the act of packing clothing into a little suitcase for the week in Montreal that made me feel on a subtle level what it will be like on the day I pack to return to TT. Had I not extended my stay, I would indeed have been leaving ... in three days. As we drove out of the city, heading for Montreal, the strange feeling persisted. I had felt it the last time too ... as though there were little heart-centred energetic tendrils connecting me to TO. I could feel them stretching and becoming thinner the further we pulled from the city ... but they didn't disappear. I sat quietly, feeling to burst into tears.

Sometimes I think "Am I making up this feeling?" No, how could I be? "Am I creating an illusion?" No, I don't think so. Then I think: "Well, am I on holiday?" No, it's not that either.

But ... why question? Just enjoy what is enjoyed and leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, makes me think of a book called The Power of Place. I don't think you're imagining or making it up. I think you and Toronto are co-creating a strong energetic bond. You love each other!

Elspeth said...

It's true. Yesterday I was thinking that the way I feel about Toronto is like being in love with a person. (Fortunately it seems to be mutual).