Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tickets for two to the other side of Paradise

(Canada chronicles continued ...)
Mug shot

Yesterday I went to a barbeque at the Toronto Women's Bookstore (TWB). There was an array of (free) food out in the back and, indoors, there were intimate readings, musical performances and a ten minute introductory talk on finding your (or someone else's) G-spot.

In between performances there were giveaways. For each prize, a question was posed to the audience (something about the store or a book or CD in the store) and the correct answer would win the answerer a bag of goodies from the store. I was wishing I knew at least one answer ... but not being familiar with the contents of the store, I didn't think that I would know any.

At one point between performances I was talking to my friend Dara and asked her how come she wasn't performing.

She said: "I'll be performing at the Stacey Ann Chin event."

"When is that?" I asked her.

"15th of August."

After a great final performance came the last win-a-give-away question:

"On what date is the Stacey Ann Chin show?"

Just as I was thinking: "Wow - I just asked that question!" ... a voice in the back called out: "26th of August!"

But that wasn't it.

My mind quickly flew back to when I was standing on the step with Dara about half an hour before. The number 15 seemed to ring a bell. "15th of August!" I said.

Yes, that was it. I won a TWB mug and two tickets to the Stacey Ann Chin show.
Tickets for two to the other side of paradise


Lynn Cohen said...

Will you still be there to go to the show?
Love the mug shot.
Great story! 15, your lucky number!

Elspeth said...

I was due to leave on July 31 but a few days ago I extended my stay to September.