Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back in Toronto ... and a Pod update

(Canada chronicles continued ...)

Got back to Toronto last night after a week in Montreal ... which was rainy and 'cold' - more like Autumn. But I like that crisp temperature.

Great news for Pod fans. I got an update a few days ago from Detta about her.
N.B. I refer to her as 'she', but Detta refers to her as 'he' ...

Pod is flying strongly these days and this is his third night out. He has just started to feed himself but prefers to be fed! I started him off by putting a feeding table outside, but against the flight cage, where he could see the familiar environment, but he very quickly graduated to the table under the mango trees. He spends his days in the trees and flies about the back yard. At first I collected him and brought him in every night then he started eluding me, so I took the risk and left him to do what he saw the other birds doing. He is still very small for his breed and still has feather fluff, but he is a real little character.


Lynn Cohen said...

interesting post. pod the bird? missed something somewhere...glad you are enjoying your travels!

LoLa said...

I loooove hearing about Pod! i hope you'll get some more pics.