Thursday, July 16, 2009

Driving to Montreal (a video poem)

(Canada chronicles continued ...)

While driving to Montreal with my cousin Gene, I used the camera on my laptop to shoot this footage and quickly edited it as we were on the road. The music is a short track I quickly put together in Reason and looped it for the length of the video.

Les arbres me regardent.
Je les regarde aussi.
Le ciel est content
Nous sommes contents aussi.

The trees are looking at me.
I look at them too.
The sky is happy.
We are happy too.


Lynn Cohen said...

cute and fun...sound not on at work for some reason...will check it out again when I get home.

Samantha said...

You find a way to be creative in the most unusual it....

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Have fun. I can't wait to hear how the French practice goes.