Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Supernova

(Canada chronicles continued ...)
I didn't bring my SLR with me to Canada because I knew I wouldn't feel to lug it around everywhere in its napsack. I would have preferred just a small camera to toss in my bag, but my Canon A620 point and shoot, which had given me about 4 years of service, had conked out.

I was doing fine without a camera (just using the one on the laptop for basic blogging photos) ... but this evening I went and bought a Canon Elph. At the advice of my friend Jayme, I went to Henry's Outlet Store at corner of Queen and Church Streets and ended up getting the camera for a steal of a deal ... about $50CAD less (tax and carrying pouch inclusive) than I would have gotten it at Best Buy (without a bag).

I fell in love with my Elph as soon as I touched it. It's small and power-packed. I've already taken some shots with it (great colour and clarity) on this evening's rainy labyrinth adventure with Kelly. (Will blog about that tomorrow).

Welcome, Supernova!

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