Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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This photo, taken with my laptop camera, does no justice to the beautiful fabric pocket book I received in the mail yesterday. It was made by Lynn of Getting My Feet Wet. Go to her blog and you will see more of the pocket books. In fact, have a look at a whole set of them here.

I had ordered one, with a particular intention ... and boy, did Lynn deliver!

Without an ounce of reservation or hesitation, I highly recommend Lynn's pocket books as a one-of-a-kind gift for you or someone else. Unique, original, tailor-made for the giftee. In each pocket (filled with intentions and affirmations) is the essence of whatever the giftee wants ... things that money could never buy.

I went to the Post Office to get my package yesterday. It was neatly encased in a white box with all kinds of stamps and customs tape all over it. I was on my way to the POS/Moksha yoga class and thought I would wait to open the package there.

However, unable to resist, I ripped open the box while stuck in traffic: "WOWWWW!" Simple yet intricate, with amazing detail, multiple textures, expertly put together ... And more than all of that, I could feel the vast wave of love and intention that went into process and product.

Later, while stuck in more traffic, I had time to read some of the many affirmations Lynn had put into the pockets. POWERFUL!

Only when I got home, just before bed, did I have time to really look at the book properly and read all of the affirmations. After yoga this morning, I reached into the book again and pulled out some of the affirmations. More than something I "ordered", this feels like a huge gift I have received. Small and simple, yet hugely empowering, magnetic, transforming and magical in quality.

And I know it is "working" already.

Thank you, Lynn.


Lynn Cohen said...

Wow! I am so happy that you are happy with your pocketbook and affirmations. (those were special for you, not something I include in every one...but maybe I should now as they had such a wonderful impact on YOU!) Hugs and thanks for your order, and for telling others about them. ;-)

Elspeth said...

You're welcome. That makes the affirmations even more special, knowing they were just for me. But yes, they will have a great effect on others too.

Lynn Cohen said...