Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am/you are the answer to someone's prayer

This morning when I woke up, the first thought in my head was: "What is success?"

Immediately following this was a slew of questions:
Is it owning a house?
Is it having a car?
Is it having a high paying job?

Is it having loads of money in my bank account?

Is it having a long term relationship?

Is it having fame?

Listing these items, I realised that I have none of them. I had a car, but I sold it a few months ago.

The only thing I "have" is myself.

In the eyes of the world, "success" is largely determined by material possessions. The bigger your house, car and salary, the more successful you are.

A short while after thinking this, I did sadhana, then went to check email. I sent a short email to a friend who had called me yesterday, to follow up on how she was doing. As I sent the email off, I unexpectedly burst into tears ... not of sadness, but of realisation. Someone had trusted me enough to reach out to me in her moment of despair and I was able to listen, understand and offer solutions. By the end of the conversation, her tears were laughter and her fear glimmered with hope.

As I came off the email, a voice within said: You are the answer to someone's prayer.

In that moment it struck me. How true! By simply being who I am and doing what I do, the lives of many are touched, even transformed. Sometimes I see it, sometimes they tell me, sometimes I don't even know. I'm not saying any of this in vanity -- simply recognition, acknowledgment and gratitude.

The same goes for you. Without knowing it most of the time, the simplest truth of who you are and how you do things has the power to touch, heal and transform others.


Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely heart leaf lovely words. I have always seen you as an incrediably successful person Elspeth. Has nothing to do with those possessions, and all to do with who you are inside. And it also has to do with all you GIVE to others which is bountyful beyond words not to forget the art you produce in so many venues. Holy cow, you are a SUCCESSFUL HUMAN BEING!

PS: Has the mail brought you something yet from me?

Elspeth said...

Thank you, Lynn. No, nothing in the mail yet. It would be amazing if it arrived for my birthday!

Oboro said...

This entry made me look deeper into my self and where I am at present. Success to me is happiness and not fleeting happiness you get from a new purchase or romantic relationships. A deep inner happiness, a happiness that cannot be taken away by a broken toy or disappointment in other people actions.
But its not that easy, because discovering what makes you happy is a life long journey that some of us never actually begun. I have been guilty of looking for this happiness in romantic relationships, only recently to discover that I am never going to find it there. Success to everyone is different to me it is happiness to someone else it may be the car, house, partner and money. It does not make us any different from each other, we are all searching for something.

Elspeth said...

Hello Oboro, thanks for your indepth comment. Definitions and examples of success & happiness are indeed different across the board. The ironic thing is that letting go of the need to find or achieve them is most likely when they come to be.

Kris Loya said...

You have touched my life for sure!
I miss our long conversations sooo much.
I am glad pippa is through with surgery and good luck keeping her confined she'll be ok and this time will pass.

Elspeth said...

Sat Nam.

meadysmusings said...

You're lovely indeed! Great post! :)