Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuned by the Little Light

The other morning, just before I woke up for yoga, a young woman came to me in my dream. I had met her in real life, in August, when I went to the ashram with a friend. I first saw her when I was sitting on a verandah at the ashram and she (playing the dholak) and a Dutch woman (playing the guitar) were chanting mantras in Sanskrit with some Rumanians.

She was a 30-something year old Rumanian named Luminitza (meaning Little Light) and she reminded me strikingly of a very good friend in Switzerland. When I told her this after Day 1 of a healing course we were both doing at the ashram, she lit up and said: "I'm happy you feel the connection too. I thought I was the only one." She then told me that the first day she saw me, she told her friends after: "I like her. She's very spiritual and she looks like an artist."

Somehow we established a connection that felt very powerful, even though we barely spoke again after that over the two day period. It's hard to explain and perhaps not necessary. The experience of that connection just felt like an intangible extension of the healing course.   

That brief summary helps put into context my dream of two mornings ago. Just before waking up for yoga, I was in an airport in England, preparing to return to Trinidad, but not particularly wanting to. Luminitza appeared. Perhaps because (in 'real life') I have been playing my guitar and chanting a lot lately, I immediately suggested to her that she play the dholak while I play the guitar.

She said: "I've become very good with the dholak."

The next thing I recall is hearing the notes of the guitar strings being tuned ... only the strings were in me (sounding more like a sitar) and I was being tuned by Luminitza (even though she was not physically doing it). Just as the final high E note was tuned and had finished vibrating, Jasper stepped on my chest and woke me up.

Perfect timing!

I had been tuned up by the Little Light and awakened by the Treasure Seeker*

*(Jasper means Treasure Seeker).

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Lynn Cohen said...

Wonderful stories you tell...I enjoy listening...can even hear the music in the background. ;-)