Sunday, September 26, 2010

A perfect weekend

On Friday (public holiday) around midday my friend Durga Devi and I went up to Ananda Mahi, the healing space owned by her, her husband and two small children. She uses it as a place for spiritual workshops and retreats. We went up to clean in preparation for the Kundalini Yoga retreat the next day (Saturday). This retreat (which had about 21 people) was led by Hari Sant, through whom I first started learning Kundalini Yoga ten years ago.
When we arrived at Ananda Mahi, one of the first things I noticed was ... guess what. It had been raining and all the other water om the lower verandah had dried up, leaving this one wet heart-shaped spot.

After cleaning, came yoga, dinner, bathtime, then bedtime. Prior to going to sleep, we sat on the upper balcony, overlooking Maracas Bay with the huge round orange moon rising above it—and we chanted the mantra Humee Hum Brahm Hum (with me strumming guitar and Durga playing a drum). We got so caught up in chanting that ages passed, our voices growing louder and louder, penetrating the forest around us and most likely drifting down the mountain to the houses below. Increasingly, we began to sound drunk, especially when (for reasons I can't remember now) we stopped singing and began to laugh loudly, unable to stop, howling like wild nocturnal hyenas.

In the morning I woke at 3:30 as usual. Some time after, we went down to the lower balcony and began a yoga session—finishing up by chanting our new favourite, with guitar and drum: Humee Hum Brahm Hum until the sun rose.

The perfect way to start the day of what then turned out to be a lovely Kundalini Yoga retreat.
Sunrise over Maracas Bay: view from the lower verandah


meadysmusings said...

Wow! How exactly do you find this place? And in general what do they offer?

BTW been meaning to ask you by chance give guitar lessons?

Elspeth said...

Hi, you can contact her via the website I linked to above. Guitar lessons - no, I don't. You want to start?


Its beautiful - the ambiance and the lifestyle as well.

10 years practising yoga! I am sure there are lots of thing revealed to you till now. Dedication, diligence and above all faith can make a person extremely calm at all circumstances..and I believe you have acquired that.

Sometimes some of your posts are irresistibly enjoyable.

Lynn Cohen said...

Sounds like happy fun laughing morning beauty and a heart, who could ask for anything more?

meadysmusings said...

@E Thanks yep I'll check out her blog. Yep I want to learn more lke to at least be able to strum out my should consider teaching...I'm looking around for a tutor...but it would be good to find one who was sort of aligned with the purpose I want to learn it for...

Elspeth said...

I understand. However, I recommend you get someone who is actually a guitar teacher. I'm more experimental. I won't be able to give you the deeper technical specifics.