Friday, September 24, 2010

Pre-dawn yoga and heart-shaped Yogi tea

Bottles of yogi tea on the couch, waiting to go

As it is a public holiday we were able to meet early for our Friday yoga—i.e. as early as in 4:30 a.m. So, it was not a "class", but sadhana.

We had a fantastic sadhana on Shiv's poolside terrace (which looks like it is our new venue, at least for now). When we began, the stars and a huge bright moon were up. Venus was glowing. By the time we were done, the sky was lighter, but the sun was not yet up enough for the day to be hot. We had come to the end of our chanting, but the birds continued on our behalf.

At the end of it all, I gave everyone a bottle filled with yogi tea from the batch I had made yesterday. The labels I made for the bottles each said SAT NAM.

When I dropped Patrice home after, she had something for me upstairs, so I went up to get it. We decided to have our yogi tea and share some with her boyfriend, who was just rising. As she poured the tea from one of the bottles into the pot to heat it up, a drop of tea fell onto the counter ... in the shape of a heart ... and just under the heart was a snakelike drop of tea, quite like Kundalini rising. (Unfortunately I didn't have my camera but Patrice took one or two shots with hers).

As we watched the tea bubble in the pot, the little masses of white bubbles kept breaking up leaving heart-shaped spaces of tea. Amazing confirmation that we had started the day on the perfect note.


Lynn Cohen said...

It makes me sleepy to think of you up at this hour. Do you go home and nap?
Sweet tea hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(no mail yet? should I be worried?)

Unknown said...

I love the predawn hours. Best time for thinking, clearing the mind and exercise....I got a later start at 5:30am and you have to share that yogi tea recipe you know:-)

Elspeth said...

Hi Wizzy,
Recipe for Yogi Tea (along with a little write-up):