Monday, March 9, 2009

I hope you fall in love with Sally and adopt her

Photos courtesy Kristen Alcantara
"Sally" was the name on the yellow vet card hanging on the gate of her cage
On Saturday four friends and I met to discuss how we, as artists, could best use our creative talents to support local animal organisations and speak out on behalf of animals. It was a short, sweet meeting. We each have various talents which we've agreed to offer gratis to necessary projects.
Sally comes to give a nose kiss
After the meeting, Patti dropped three of us (me, Kris and Kim) back to the TTSPCA to get our cars. Before leaving, we went into the back to see the animals (cats and dogs) some of whom are boarders, some lost (waiting to be found), some strays (in need of homes) and some puppies/kittens (up for adoption). As much as I hate to see caged animals, I was impressed by the clean, spacious spaces in which these animals are kept. Children have painted bright, colourful murals on the walls, large pet bowls are filled with clean water and ample food, the tiled floor of each little 'apartment' is freshly mopped and clean (except for the odd 'load') and the smells are pleasant. These animals look comfortable and well cared for, unlike the TTSPCA of yore which would have made even a hater of animals feel depressed.
I already love you
There are so many lovely and loving animals at the TTSPCA. Sadness comes only from the realisation that you can't take each one home or find him/her a loving owner immediately. We walked along the corridor of cages, playing with each dog (except for the one whose card said 'aggressive') and eventually got to the 'puppies for adoption' section.

It was there that I saw and immediately fell in love with Sally. Take a look at those photos Kris took of her. She's a million times more cute in real life. I reached out to play with her and a nearby TTSPCA volunteer instantly said to me in a kind but firm tone: "Did you see the sign? Did you wash your hands? Puppies can easily pick up germs and get sick." I was impressed that she cared enough to ask me if I had washed my hands. It shows these animals are being looked out for even on that level of hand-washing-before-playing-with.

If I could have, I would definitely have claimed Sally, there and then, without a second thought. But I won't be able to. My sincere hope is that someone (in Trinidad/Tobago) who sees this post will fall in love with Sally and go to see her in real life. Whoever you are, you won't be able to leave TTSPCA without claiming this special puppy as your own. Before you can take her home, the TTSPCA will come and check your premises to ensure that they are suitably fenced, etc for Sally ... and then everything else will be organised accordingly for her to move in with you.

So go to the TTSPCA asap and ask to see 'Sally" in the puppy section. You will not be disappointed. In that short space of time, I could tell - she is a gentle, loving, playful, respectful animal who would LOVE and be a totally loyal companion for you, her new owner.

Thanks in advance.

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Lynn Cohen said...

Well, l see what you are "doing" to help the animal shelter! And bravo for doing it. The photos are great and the dog adorable. I am impressed by the cleanliness and attentiveness of the place too.
We found Henry V in such a place and we got questioned too about how we'd care for him. I'm glad we passed!