Monday, March 23, 2009

My Collaborator's Article for Alpha Sight

When my camera fell on February 14th I had gone online searching 'SONY' and 'LCD' to see if anyone had experienced something similar ... and, if so, what they had done about it. I didn't find anything in that vein, but I came across a site called Alpha Sight run by someone called Diego.

Reading his posts, I realised he was very knowledgeable about SONY cameras. I e-mailed him, told him what had happened to mine and asked for advice.

He took time to do research before getting back to me with a long, detailed e-mail outlining various options. I thereafter kept him updated and some time ago he asked me if I would write an article on the experience for his website. I did one and he posted it on Alpha Sight today as an article from "a collaborator".

You can read it here.

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