Wednesday, March 18, 2009


On Sunday my riding pal Keshia and I left very early and went driving through the country. One last adventure before she checked in at the airport for midday to head back home to the States.

We went exploring lovely San Rafael and environs.

I didn't carry Synchronicity. I carried my Canon A620 (Love Bee) whose LCD screen conked out ages ago. There's no way of seeing the menu or operating anything like video, macro, changing ISO, using manual settings or even seeing if the battery is running down. The only thing that can be done now with that camera is to look through the viewfinder, click and hope to get something. Sometimes the photos don't get captured at all, sometimes they come out really dark, sometimes they're okay.

Here are the only shots (except for another one of the church) I took that morning which weren't almost completely black.
The old church at the triangular 'roundabout' in San Rafael
How ironic. St. Michael, meant to protect, needs to be protected himself (from vandals)
Cow traffic on a forested road
Words of wisdom in the bush at the roadside
Light rain as we head out of 'the bush' and to the airport.

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meadysmusings said...

Lovely!:) Sad the angel has to be encaged yes....but so so beautiful a sight...well apart from the cage of course...