Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Raw Pancakes

Photo taken using laptop camera in Photobooth. Not an ideal camera for food photography.
Breakfast this morning was a raw Coconut Breakfast Pancake made from a recipe in Ani's Raw Food Kitchen (the Ani Phyo Raw Food 'uncookbook' my sister Vanessa gave me for Christmas).

My pancake looks nothing like the ones in the photo in Ani's book, but it tasted great nevetherless. I topped it with slices of banana, diced apple and chopped Brazil nuts. Next time I may try some grated coconut or blend the fruits into a sauce rather than use them as chunks and slices. Or ... better yet, a combo of the 'fruit sauce' and some chunks/slices.
This is what Ani's pancakes look like
(N.B. photo of photo on page of book also taken using Photobooth. Image looks better in the book of course).
I like this book. The recipes are quick, easy and varied, the photos are mouthwatering, the tone is conversational and welcoming and there is a clear overall presentation of simple food facts, tips and useful information.

The pancakes are basically:

2 cups whole flax seeds or 3 cups flax seed meal (I used the latter)
2 tablespoons liquid coconut oil
1/2 cup agave or maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 cup water

You mix everything together, roll into about four balls, flatten (about 1/4 - 1/2 inch thick). Top with fruits of choice. The batter lasts up to four days in the fridge, so I've had it available to me since yesterday when I first made it. I have two 'balls' left, waiting to be flatted and tried with different toppings tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i have that book on my wishlist :)

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!

Janna Renee said...

so i guess i know what i'm making for breakfast tomorrow...

Mila said...

I JUST made these pancakes for dinner and MMMMMMM- they were so good. I added some cinnamon and cloves to it and it tasted like molasses cookie dough to me:)