Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome home, my friend

(From l. to r): Keshia A., Dara N. and Elspeth D. at our "2013 reunion" last year.
Last night I went to meet my friend Keshia A at the airport. She flew in from Miami, as she does at least once or twice a year. She's already been here once for the year already. This time she'll be spending seven days.

We met when she had come here years ago as a Fulbright scholar to do research. She was living just across from the corner of my street. Once introduced, we quickly became main sidekicks and, to this day, she is one of my dearest friends, a sister and kindred spirit. There are just some people in life who instinctively and unquestioningly know, love, understand and support you fully for who you are - and she is definitely one of them.

She returns so often to TT because she fell in love with it while she was here. It resonates with her spirit and feels like 'home' in a way that her birthplace and the place where she lives and works (the US) does not.

Whenever she comes, it is inevitably a mutually fun and healing experience, full of magic, growth, excitement, great conversations, laughter, inspiration, realisation, adventures and more.

Let the good times roll ...

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