Tuesday, March 17, 2009

YESterday ended up having a lot of "No's" in it as I decided, for various reasons, to not do certain things.

I would have said "No" to them/not done them anyway ... but having written all of those "Yesses" in the morning made me more aware of when I was saying "No" and why.

It made me more aware of the Power of Now (... minus that last "w") to make the Power of Yes more impacting.

"No" was the cutlass, cutting away bushes and weeds, clearing new paths and space for blooming "Yes" flowers.

Sometimes I may not know what I want ... but I know what I don't want.

As Henry Kissinger said: "The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously."


Lynn Cohen said...

Ah, but without alternatives we might be stuck doing/being something we do not like doing/being. I like choices!
Yes to choices!
No to being forced to do anything!
That said now I have to go do my taxes...I have no choice, no alternatives...so I guess my mind is less cluttered but I'm pissed as hell! LOL

Elspeth said...

Yes, but too many alternatives can be confusing sometimes. Helps to narrow them down from time to time.

There are always choices ... even with taxes. E.g. (a) do them yourself (b) get someone else to do them for you.


I appreciate your deep thinking...

What I believe is NO and YES are complimentary to each other. Like joy and sorrow, like black and white..one can't live without each other...it is not about the how much no i speak, it doesn't mean that we are negatives, it is all about how much we convert our NO(s) to YES(es)...and YES(es) to NO(s)..listen to heart and get rid of initial inertia are important factors to take educated decisions.

Please excuse me for using excessive I. :)