Friday, March 13, 2009

Return of Synchronicity

At last ... I got my camera back today.

Perfect timing.

Came in via UPS (which I will use from now on if/when I need to send anything).

Only $67.17TT (approx 10US) in courier fees to bring it in to TT.

I thought this would all have cost me an exhorbitant amount of money ... but in all I only ended up paying a total of approximately $300TT (approx $50US) to send to Texas and return.

Thanks to SONY Repair Centre for honouring the warranty - repairs/replaced part and shipping to US Skybox totally free. I'm really pleased with their swift and professional service.

And thanks to Gabriel too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Elspeth,

I am delighted that your camera is back safe and working ?? It will be interesting to see where your photography develops in respect of the camera's notch in rank.



human being said...

what a relief... congrats for the return!

what got me was the title... as i was on Suki's blog and i was writing something about goings and returns that can be synchronizing... then i was back on my blog roll and the title of your post surprised me...


Elspeth said...

Synchronicity in itself.