Thursday, March 19, 2009

My visuals NexDor @ A_PHAKE & IRUKANDJI this Saturday

A few days ago DJ Irukandji asked me to do an extended video sequence to accompany a performance by "Fresh House/Electronica act "A_PHAKE & IRUKANDJI" (see below ad and text courtesy DJ Irukandji ... for the event this Saturday). He said "You don't have to shoot anything new. You can use existing footage."

So I put together an approx 25 minute montage of some of my selected video works and moving images over the years. While I was compiling the images, seeing them together for the extended length of time that it took me to choose them and put them together, there was a point where I felt like an objective viewer. Suddenly I was no longer 'me' looking at my video creations. I found myself drawn in and mesmerised by the colours, textures, forms and overall visual essence streaming at me ... and I was impressed. It suddenly struck me : "Wow, you've done a lot of great work, girl!" (... if I must say so myself ...)

captain of de ship
FRESH House/Electronica act "A_PHAKE & IRUKANDJI" - intensely pure like puncheon

DJ ARC: 9 ..............Igniting the AfterParty

DJ IRUKANDJI ........Shakin' d Structure

VISUALS by talented multimedia artist, Elspeth Duncan

Doors Open @ 8pm
Bands Start @ 9:30pm

AfterParty EXPLODES @ 11pm

Recession Buster price still in effect!!!!

Entry ONLY $30 !


Anonymous said...

wow. we were amazed when we looked at it spec. great work, superb imagery. thank you so much! you have greatly enhanced the whole performance!

Anonymous said...

All are welcome! RSVP here:

Elspeth said...

You're welcome, Patrice, Irukandji, A_Phake. My pleasure. Putting it all together was a great experience.

Lynn Cohen said...

I wish I could attend this show.
How wonderful that you were able to step outside yourself
and enjoy your work
as an objective observer
to appreicate all that you have
accomplished and created.
I bow to you!