Friday, March 6, 2009

Sending Letters

This week is/has been Campus Literature Week and today I was one of six writers who read their work in Amphitheatre B of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex at Mount Hope.

I read Sending Letters, a piece I wrote when I was at the three week Cropper writers' coastal retreat in Balandra last year. It is a true story. Everything in it is real, even though it may sound surreal. It's based on events connected to and extending beyond a walk along the coastline - to post a special letter I had written. Had I not written the letter and gone for the walk to post it, none of what happened would have happened.

I guess every story has its own story behind it.

Today's other readers included a few of the other writers who had been at Balandra with me: June, Barb, Vashti, Simone. It was good seeing them again.


Lynn Cohen said...

I wish I could read the story.

Bravo for you reading it publicly.


"i'm back"..really nice and fascinating story especially raw barb :)

true, every story has another story behind it..then only it becomes a story, otherwise not.

Elspeth said...

Lynn, yes reading in public can feel daunting sometimes ... but over time I get increasingly used to it. Maybe one day I'll even enjoy and look forward to doing it.

Shubhajit, yes ... raw Barb (no longer raw) was and still is quite an enjoyable character

Anonymous said...

Do we get to read it?

Elspeth said...

Kikipotamus - one day, yes.