Sunday, August 15, 2010

Conversations with a little yogi

Recently my 10-year old nephew, Liu, went on a baking spree to raise money to buy a Mac laptop. He got a huge amount of orders, mainly from my friends, who were all raving about his cakes, cookies and brownies.

Today he was in the kitchen helping me to make hummus (to eat after this afternoon's first introductory Kundalini Yoga session).

Liu: Is hummus yoga food?

Me: What's yoga food?

Liu: Relaxing food. (Thoughtful pause) Are all people who do yoga vegetarian?

Me: Many are.

Liu: Well I meditate but I eat meat.

Me: How do you meditate?

Liu: In my room.

Me: What do you do?

Liu: I sit and close my eyes. Ommmmmm. I empty my mind, like those monks do.


Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet child obviously on the right track.
When I clicked on "cool" it would not allow me to send a comment! So I am telling you here that the post is "cool"! ;-)
I saw a book this weekend in SF that reminded me of you. A small book called Heart Rocks full of photos of rocks shaped like hearts, the kind you find and collect.

Elspeth said...

Ha - that's funny. I have thought of doing a book of hearts and a friend was recently saying I should.

Elspeth said...

P.S. Go rid of the 'cool', etc.

Tammy-Jade™ said...

Haha @ "Ommmmmm"

Too Cute.

Afrodeity said...

Thanks for this post. You're fortunate to have a nephew like this.

PS: would you share your hummus recipe? I love the stuff and tried to make some at home - it was inedible really.

Elspeth said...

Do you have Nap's Girl's Cookbook? I think everyone has it! The hummus recipe is in there - very easy to make. I also added a dash of cinnammon (not in recipe), which I add to everything - special touch. I doubled the recipe. I also have a raw hummus recipe if you want, but it involves sprouting, so takes longer.

Anonymous said...

Wise child full of wisdom. Great.