Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slippery when wet

On Wednesday afternoon, with about an hour to spare before we were due at a healing circle, a friend and I decided to go and visit the old Tortuga Church (which I first encountered when I was asked to write an article some time ago for the magazine Build TT). On the way, we stopped off to have a look at this expansive landfill which had fascinated me when I first came across it in 2008.

As always, I had my camera with me and decided to get a video clip of the miles of garbage.

Ignoring the warning of one of the scavengers who had emerged from the rotting stench ("Doh go dere, yuh go fall!"), I clambered up the mound of clay-like dirt which was wet and (as I quickly discovered) slippery after that day's rainfall.

What you see in the video isn't as bad as it looks. Thankfully quick reflexes and the art of balance saved me from actually landing in the mud. It all happened so quickly. I slowed down the video so the action plays out more clearly.

N.B. the expletive at the end in slow motion.


Kikipotamus said...

What are those big black birds? They look amazing.

Elspeth said...

Corbeaux - also known as vultures.